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      1. How We Improved an Industry

        OPS-COM Parking and Security Management
        OperationsCommander parking enforcement for Android

        With a focus on parking and security management, we have created the perfect Android handheld complement to our cloud based parking and enforcement platform.

        OperationsCommander offers in the field data query with full data synchronization. Patrols have full access to data for validation of vehicles using text search or LPR integration that is as easy as taking a picture!

        Find out more about the OPS-COM platform and how it is revolutionizing the parking and security industry!

        Our Mission

        Tomahawk is dedicated to providing innovative network based solutions and related affordable services that will assist business growth and improve communication through the use of technology.

        Knowledge Driven

        Our experience includes server management and all processes necessary for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. We have supplied secure solutions long before many suppliers knew that data transfers needed to be secured. Application development has been key to our growth over the years and we work hard to stay ahead, or at least stay abreast of new developments in technology.

        More Information

        Our services are firmly rooted in our programming and technical abilities. We have been developing software solutions since 1999, while at the same time managing our own network infrastructure. As a result, we have gained valuable experience in many facets of technology.

        For example, to overcome obstacles created by languages lacking certain feature sets we have simply developed our own tools or add-ons. Our service offerings range from database administration and management all the way through to business process audits. We have the tools to help make your office more efficient, and we have the experience to go straight to the root of an issue with little distraction.

        Tomahawk has prided itself on not only the software and development services that we offer, but also on the support and assistance that has made us stand out as a business leader in the technology community.

        Our Services

        This is what we do

        Business Development

        Working with StreamIN Technologies, Tomahawk has been able to supply e-commerce and ticketing software for such organizations as Toronto Zoo and the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).

        The cloud based solution links the on-site database to a remote database to allow users to purchase tickets at any time of day from anywhere. With print-at-home and SMS/MMS functionality, users are able to self-manage their own tickets right after purchase.

        Mobile parking payments

        Mobile Solutions

        We are experienced in the areas of mobile development, having developed solutions for Android and Windows Mobile. Over the years we have developed wireless ticketing solutions for the full complement of Windows Mobile devices. Our mobile technology is used daily and synchronizes data changes to the cloud creating a true remote operation. The resulting solution is full data access from anywhere at anytime.

        Custom Software

        The purpose of the OntarioLearn ePortal is to streamline login procedures, improve communications, consolidate activity, and centralize resources for students, faculty and administrators. The ePortal centralizes and supports a full-technology related college environment. It currently hosts over 14,000 students per year, providing transparent access to 650 courses across a half dozen learning management systems (LMS), including Blackboard, Moodle, and Desire2learn.